InMed Pharmaceuticals: An Optimized System to Cannabinoid Manufacturing

Cost-effective, flexible and high-yield system for manufacturing cannabinoids

While rare cannabinoids may hold tremendous potential as new treatments for diseases with high unmet medical needs, it is not economically feasible to extract and purify most of them directly from the plant due to the very low quantities available.

IntegraSynTM is InMed’s integrated cannabinoid manufacturing system. It uses multiple standard pharmaceutical processes to enable the production of cannabinoids with bio-identical structures as compared to those found in nature.

More IntegraSynTM

IntegraSynTM makes cost-efficient use of sophisticated starting materials. It also requires fewer costly steps all the way through to the end-product. Additionally, it’s designed as a high-yield manufacturing process. The company produces high-efficiency enzymes utilizing E. coli biofermentation for use in bulk cannabinoid manufacturing via a biotransformation process and further purification steps. The resulting cannabinoid can be used as a finished cannabinoid product. However, it can also be used as a starting material to produce other cannabinoids using any one of several well-established manufacturing approaches.

The flexible IntegraSynTM manufacturing system integrates various pharmaceutical manufacturing processes to optimize production of cannabinoids. Traditional biosynthesis and chemical synthesis focus on production of one cannabinoid from start to finish. Meanwhile, the modular IntegraSynTM processes provide flexibility to shift production of one cannabinoid to a range of cannabinoids. This approach places less burden on the fermentation microbe and allows for the use of different enzymes and starting materials. Further, it leads to optimized yield, time and cost.

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