Inner Spirit: Franchise Holds the Most Cannabis Retail Stores in Canada

The Spiritleaf franchise boasts the largest number of retail cannabis stores in Canada

Inner Spirit Holdings is establishing a network of retail cannabis stores under its Spiritleaf brand. The Company has 100 corporate and franchise Spiritleaf locations under development. They also have a growing portfolio of proprietary brands and strategic partnerships and investments.

“If someone is out there trying to choose what brand they want to align with for their cannabis business, I think there’s no question that Spiritleaf is the right choice.” says Spiritleaf Franchise Partner & National Real Estate Manager, Dave Marino.

Further, each Spiritleaf store offers a curated collection of leading cannabis brands. Inner Spirit Holdings is developing its own proprietary cannabis products. They’re doing so in conjunction with Auxly Cannabis Group to provide Inner Spirit Holdings with world class expertise and additional supply from premium producers.

“There’s no doubt that we’re converting a lot of the legacy customers and they’re seeing the advantage of buying from the legal market,” says President and CEO Darren Bondar.

Moreover, the Canadian Franchise Association recently awarded Spiritleaf the Franchisees’ Choice Designation. This is due to exceptional survey satisfaction rankings from Spiritleaf franchise partners across the country. The designation is also part of the Canadian Franchise Association’s annual awards program to recognize franchising’s best and brightest organizations.

“We’re one of the places and bright spots in COVID that has really seen an uptick. We were able to react quickly by implementing all the in-store safety measures from floor decals, to shields, to PPE equipment,” says Bondar.

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