Isracann: Positioned to Become a Major Cannabis Supplier in Europe

Isracann Biosciences is ready to become a major supplier in the European cannabis market

The European cannabis market is five times bigger than the North American market. Isracann Biosciences is uniquely positioned to become a major supplier in Europe.

Further, as of August 2019, Israel is now the third country behind Canada and Netherlands with an export framework. Indeed, this opens the door for export into the massive European marketplace.

The European Market

The company is looking at Germany as their entry point. With the export framework now in place, the company aims to become a premier supplier to the European market. Above all, the population in Europe is double that of the US and Canada. The EU medical market is estimated to be $64B USD by 2028.

Domestic Market

Isracann is Israel’s first pure-play cannabis firm and they’re focusing on becoming a premier, low-cost cannabis producer. Moreover, the company is fully funded to execute on over 230,000 sq ft of hybrid greenhouse space.

In addition, there are over 46,000 patients in Israel with an estimated 90,000 anticipated by 2020. This under-served domestic market presents a significant and immediate opportunity.

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