Killi: Take Control of Your Online Data

Allowing users to control what personal data they share

Killi is the first and only company in the world that allows users to control what personal data they share with companies and earn Killi Points from it.

“The data market is actually going through the single largest transformation in its history,” says Founder and CEO, Neil Sweeney.

The company is driven by the evolution of consumer data and privacy. Offering compliant consumer data to brands & agencies, platforms and data companies, Killi allows consumers to opt-in to share specific pieces of data with brands in exchange for compensation from the use of their personal data, democratizing data for both consumers and brands. Killi offers 1st party data that is global in nature and is CCPA compliant.

“It (the market) needs to move from an unconsented market that has no consumer inclusion to a market that has consent and consumer inclusion,” says Sweeney.

People’s data is worth about $6,000 per year! This is part of a nearly 250 billion dollar industry in the U.S. alone; an industry that is migrating from unconsented to consented data.

What Killi has to offer the data industry is first-party, authenticated, and compliant data; data that consumers choose to sell.

“We’ve gone from no distribution partners to 12 of the biggest distribution partners in the world. We’re maintaining a growth rate of over 70 plus percent reoccurring,” says Sweeney.

The company also recently introduced Facebook Unveil. This is a complimentary service, with no sign-up required. Further, it allows consumers to see what data may have been exposed in a Facebook breach earlier this year.

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