Investor Alert: Liberty Defense – Innovative Security Solutions

Detecting Concealed Objects on individuals

Liberty Defense brings innovative security solutions to detect threats in all verticals. The need for security measures that protect lives in public spaces has never been greater. Armed with licensed technologies from leading security and defense research institutions, Liberty Defense’s experienced management team is positioned to bring touchless security solutions to solve challenging problems of screening people for firearms, explosives and IEDs.

HEXWAVE Technology

Liberty’s HEXWAVE product is designed to be stand-alone or used in conjunction with other security products. A sleek, refined industrial design makes it simple to install, easy to maintain, and discreet to operate.

It can also be installed into both covert and overt locations to provide early warning of threats to security staff before the threat is carried out. Its real-time and accurate detection works with both traditional and automated security measures to respond appropriately to threats. The system detects metallic and non-metallic threat objects such as: guns, assault rifles, knives and explosives. Machine / deep learning technology enhances sensor fidelity and decision response hierarchy – High (take action), Med (track), Low (pass).

Further, it is fast, direct, and non-intrusive, protecting the privacy and modesty of those being scanned.

“We’re very excited because we just received an award from the BIRD Foundation and Department of Homeland Security for innovative technology with another Israeli-based company,” says CEO, Bill Frain.

In addition, we have licensed a new technology from a national lab in the US that will provide security applications at the aviation checkpoint.

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