mCloud: AI to Help Businesses Create New Energy Efficiencies

mCloud Technologies is helping businesses become more energy efficient through AI

mCloud Technologies is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) company tackling the world’s most challenging energy problems. In less than three years, mCloud is on track to reach over $50 million in annual revenue helping businesses create new energy efficiencies.

mCloud is creating a more efficient future through the use of AI and analytics. By using data, they are maximizing the health and performance of critical energy infrastructure such as; HVAC units in commercial buildings, wind turbines, and distribution transformers.

Analytics & Machine Learning

mCloud has a technology called AssetCare. Energy assets generate massive amounts of data as they operate. Tapping into the power of analytics and machine learning, AssetCare helps businesses use that data intelligently to ensure assets continuously operate at peak performance

AssetCare uses readily available industrial-grade IoT sensors and 4G/LTE connectivity to continuously gather data from critical assets deployed in the field. For any given asset, hundreds of variables may be monitored, tracking every aspect of an asset’s health and performance.

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