NeonMind Bioscience: Innovative Solutions for Health and Obesity

Psychedelic treatments for medical well-being and obesity

NeonMind is engaged in research and development of products to optimize human health and performance. NeonMind has two divisions, a pharmaceutical division engaged in drug development of psychedelic compounds, and a consumer products division with a focus on mushroom infused products. Their consumer division currently sells NeonMind branded coffee products in Canada through NeonMind’s direct to consumer e-commerce platform. They also have plans to launch dietary supplements in the United States this spring.

Treating Obesity

NeonMind is exploring psilocybin (a complex organic compound found in psychedelic mushrooms) as an innovative treatment approach to weight loss through a preclinical trial. Psilocybin is known to activate serotonin receptors, and that serotonin can curb cravings, shut off appetite, and reduce eating. Moreover, the company has hired the University of British Columbia to conduct its preclinical trial. During this, they’ll explore the potential therapeutic use of psilocybin to improve eating habits and cause weight loss.

The landscape is rapidly changing when it comes to the use of psychedelics for medical treatments. Furthermore, there is a major shift on the horizon and NeonMind believes in the potential for psychedelics to revolutionize the way we treat issues around mental health and obesity. 

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