NEXE Innovations: Eliminating Plastic Pods from Landfills & Oceans

Commercializing plant-based, fully compostable products for everyday use

NEXE Innovations Inc. (formerly known as G-PAK Technology Inc.) is an advanced materials company. They’ve developed a fully compostable (plant-based) single-serve coffee pod for use in Keurig Brewing Systems. In addition, NEXE has developed custom automation through its European and Canadian partners enabling NEXE to commercialize its proprietary capsules.

The company believes that the NEXE POD can eventually eradicate the waste created by single-serve capsules. NEXE’s goal is to attract and sustain a significant portion of the single-serve market. This is due to the growing demand for environmentally friendly and sustainable products. “We provide a great cup of coffee as well as full degradation in as little as 35 days,” says President, Ash Guglani.

NEXE continues to see global brands shifting focus to environmentally sustainable solutions looking at compostable alternatives for their Keurig and Nespresso single-serve brewing systems.

NEXE’s technology platform consists of the patented, fully compostable, NEXE POD including a growing Intellectual Property portfolio as well as the proprietary automation equipment involved with the process of making the NEXE POD. Hundreds of municipalities in the European Union, Canada, and the United States are moving in the direction of introducing comprehensive compost systems, making the NEXE POD a viable alternative to the typical plastic coffee capsules out in the marketplace.

“We’ve developed a deep understanding of how to work with plant-based materials at high speed in a fully automated environment. I’d say we’re one of the few,” says Guglani.

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