Nexe Innovations: Saving Our Planet with Sustainable Technology

Disruptive technology to make plant-based products

Over the past five years, NEXE Innovations’ R&D, engineering teams and scientific partners have been hard at work figuring how to make plant-based material scalable for high speed manufacturing. Today they have a state-of-the-art facility that positions them to go above and beyond as they look to transform wasteful consumer practices into powerful change and innovation.

The NEXE Pod

The company has developed one of the only patented, fully compostable, plant-based, single-serve coffee pods for use in existing major single-serve coffee machines. Furthermore, the proprietary pod is designed to reduce the significant environmental impact caused by single-serve pods. In fact, there are +40 billion plastic pods discarded every year.

The pod is non-toxic in soils and has also been backed by five years of testing. Moreover, its fully compostable in as little as 35 days. It also has a higher volume capacity vs standard single-serve capsules, providing for a great cup of coffee.

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