News Alert: Qualcomm Invites NexOptic to Join an Elite Group of AI Firms

NexOptic joins an elite group of AI firms and gains integrated access to A-list customer base

NexOptic Technology is an innovative optical development company, which aims to enhance the way we view the world around us. The Company is preparing to launch DoubleTake to the public. To explain, DoubleTake is NexOptic’s multi-award winning, reimagined binoculars designed to disrupt the growing outdoor recreation market. Further, DoubleTake utilizes NexOptic’s high magnification lenses for a state-of-the-art digital experience.

Additionally, it’s All Light Intelligent Imaging Solutions (“ALIIS™”), is being optimized into the Qualcomm® Platform Solutions Ecosystem for select Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ mobile platforms.

Qualcomm’s imaging customers include Samsung, Sony and LG. NexOptic’s Chairman, Rich Geruson, believes that this is an ideal opportunity for the Company to gain footholds into several imaging sectors at once, including the smartphone industry. “It means we’re becoming recognized by Qualcomm and its customers as having THE AI solution that radically improves imaging systems”.

More on NexOptic

The Company’s developing suite of optical technologies now includes AI. NexOptic can increase aperture sizes within given depth constraints of various imaging applications to improve diffraction-limits and resolution. Besides enhancing image quality, NexOptic’s AI drastically reduces image noise and motion blur common in poor lighting environments. 

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