PopReach: Mobile Gaming – 70 Billion Dollar Market and Growing

Free-to-play mobile game publisher acquiring proven game franchises

PopReach is a free-to-play mobile game publisher focused on acquiring proven game franchises. Proven game franchises are games that have previously gathered huge audiences and are already financially successful, but they’re in a later stage of their life cycle. The Company acquires these games, bring them in-house and lower the costs. Additionally, they use a data-driven approach to improve the key game parameters. This drives revenue and audience growth as well as improves the overall profitability of the games.

“We’ve established a good list of potential acquisitions that we’ll be pursuing later in the year,” says CEO, Jon Walsh.

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PopReach has acquired 12 successful game franchises, competing mainly in the North American game market, including Smurfs Village (IP under license), Kitchen Scramble, Gardens of Time, City Girl Life, War of Nations and Kingdoms of Camelot. 

The company’s franchises are played by over 1.2 million monthly active users. PopReach, headquartered in Toronto, employs a team of over 120 experts in Toronto, and Bangalore.

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