News Alert: Sernova – Developing a Functional Cure for Type I Diabetes

A new approach to treating chronic diseases

Sernova is a regenerative medicine therapeutics company. They’re developing therapeutics platform technologies to treat chronic diseases through a regenerative medicine approach. The company’s primary focus is the development of technologies for the treatment of patients with dependent (T1) diabetes, hemophilia A and thyroid disease.

New Approach to Diabetes Treatment

Sernova has released additional positive data, which they believe is first in world, from their ongoing clinical trial showing a clinical benefit to patients. The company has also recently announced collaborations with global pharmaceutical companies to work with the Sernova Cell Pouch System. The revolutionary Cell Pouch System™ aims to provide people suffering from diabetes with the long awaited approach that will change the standard of care and enhance their quality of life.

More on the Cell Pouch System™

Sernova’s Cell Pouch System™ is a novel implantable and scalable medical device. It forms a highly vascularized organ-like environment in the body for the housing, function as well as long-term survival of therapeutic cells. Additionally, these therapeutic cells release necessary proteins or hormones missing from the body to treat chronic diseases as an alternative to daily administration of drugs.  Further, the Cell Pouch™ is -manufactured according to strict regulatory guidelines. It is also currently in clinical trials in patients with diabetes.

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