New Listing Alert: Sol Cuisine – Nutritionally Superior Plant-Based Food Alternatives

Now trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange Venture

Sol Cuisine is a fast-growing producer of branded, consumer-preferred plant-based protein offerings across key center-of-plate and appetizer categories. The company’s products are offered through an established omni-channel distribution platform in Canada and the U.S. They are available in over 11,000 stores and more than 41,000 unique points of distribution. Sol Cuisine is pleased to be listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange Venture under the symbol VEG.

Over a history of 20+ years, Sol Cuisine has consistently demonstrated an ability to innovate and delight consumers. This is all while remaining true to its commitment to producing great tasting products that are nutritionally superior both to meat-based offerings and to competitive plant-based products. Furthermore, this commitment has resulted in several product wins. The company won the #1 frozen plant-based burger in Canada, the #1 consumer-preferred chicken alternative in North America, as well as the #1 quality roast product as determined by Whole Foods Market.

“We have an actionable path for growth and we are focusing on building more sol mates, which are our consumers, expanding distribution and into new channels,” says CEO John Flanagan.

The company’s taste and nutritional superiority have also resulted in private label contracts with some of the most recognized natural brands in North America. Sol Cuisine’s products are all produced at the company’s state of the art facilities, totaling 35,000 square feet. Moreover, they are capable of supporting up to 10 million kilograms of volume per annum.

“We know that we’ve got great growth behind us. And we know that we’ve got great growth in the future in a very exciting category,” says Flanagan.

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