Stenner Wealth Partners+: Key Trusted Advisors

Founded by award winning wealth advisor, Thane Stenner, Stenner Wealth Partners+ is a virtual, crossborder, boutique wealth management team within Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management Canada and USA, the largest independent investment bank in Canada. Their global wealth management businesses are entrusted with $98 billion in client assets.

Stenner Wealth Partners+ has 85 years of combined experience in preserving and efficiently servicing relationships with ultra-high-net-worth and institutional clients. Their investor-focused approach, backed by industry-leading research, analysis, and a powerful platform that leverages the latest in technology, is setting new benchmarks in customer service.

To learn more about Thane Stenner and the Stenner Wealth Partners+ team, visit
Email or call toll-free (North America) at 1.833.STENNER to set up a confidential introductory meeting.