Tombill Mines: Gold Exploration in the World Class Gold Camp

Exploring for gold in the Geraldton Gold Camp in Ontario, Canada

Tombill owns various royalty-free mineral exploration and past-producing gold properties in the Geraldton and Beardmore Camp, Ontario. The company’s business is mineral exploration, primarily gold. Moreover, it has 74 claims: 60 are owned and patented, five leased, and nine where it owns the mineral rights. Of these, the Tombill Main Group property comprises 58 claims: 54 owned patents, and four owned mineral rights.

“We have a very good team of people on the exploration side,” says CEO and Chairman, Adam Horne.

Geraldton Gold Camp, of which Tombill Main Group is central, is a prime mining district, safe jurisdiction, and also possesses sound installed and accessible infrastructure. Furthermore, the property sits adjacent to the Hardrock property. Over the last 10 years, Hardrock has discovered approximately 11.5 million ounces of gold. “What’s really exciting is the gold deposits that are present on the Hardrock property extend directly onto, they predict, Tombill’s project,” says Technical Advisor, Dr. Quinton Hennigh.

Economic concentrations of gold in the Beardmore-Geraldton Belt are typical of epigenetic hydrothermal gold and are considered to be mesothermal lode gold deposits.

“There was a drill intercept completed by Premier a few years ago that hit a huge, huge hole. So, once we identify that episode on our property, it will be a matter of systematically exploring and continuing that deposit for many, many months to come,” says, Hennigh.

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