A Top 3 Revenue Producing, Publicly Traded Cannabis Stock

Trulieve Cannabis has 27 locations in Florida and is in the top 3 revenue producing, publicly traded cannabis stocks

Trulieve Cannabis is the first and leading medical cannabis company in Florida. Exploring a seed-to-sale operation and with a patient base that grows about 10% a month, the company has about 65% of the third most populous state in the U. S.

Providing patients with the medicine they need where they are 

Constantly identifying new locations for more dispensaries, as well as new and exciting items to add to their inventory, the company offers

  • a line of products with over 150 SKUs
  • a widespread dispensary network
  • a large delivery fleet

Focus on Growth 

Growth benefits investors and mostly patients, who need the company to make medicine available to them. That’s why Trulieve is always looking for new markets to serve and expanding the inventory. A strong financial performance driven by sales to a dedicated group of patients allows them to continue their pattern of growth.

Trulieve has already announced purchases of licenses in California and Massachusetts and is looking for opportunities outside of Florida for possible partnership or acquisition.

Technology and Education

The company never ceases to explore new extraction technologies to improve quality, and bets on education to introduce their products to potential patients. Also an extensive network of doctors who believe in the benefits of Trulieve’s products, recommend them to their patients.

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