TrustBIX: Know Your Food’s Story

Third-party food traceability and sustainability

TrustBIX provides agri-food traceability. By addressing consumer and agri-food business demands, the company has a goal to become the most trusted and largest source of third-party food traceability and sustainability information globally – Gate to Plate®. TrustBIX Inc.’s focus is to create a world where we trust more, waste less and reward sustainable behaviour.

Further, the company’s proprietary platform is BIX (Business infoXchange System). It’s designed to create trust without compromising privacy through innovative use of data and technology. Extensive R&D has allowed TrustBIX to create a new blockchain-derived technology to complement its mature and proven traceability systems. By leveraging BIX and its unique use of incentive solutions, the company can deliver independent validation of food provenance and sustainable production practices within the supply chain.

A wholly owned subsidiary, ViewTrak Technologies Inc., provides a suite of hardware and software solutions to the livestock industry in Canada, United States, Mexico and China, such as Auction Master Pro, Market Master, Feedlot Solutions and pork grading probes.

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