TrustBIX: Follow the Story of Your Food

Technology platform to varify the claims about your food

TrustBIX is focused on the global agricultural industries that use technology to improve trust of the entire supply chain. This leads to consumer loyalty and a safer, affordable and more sustainable food. 

TrustBIX verifes that the claims made about your food are correct. First, producers raise the animals and grow the crops that are harvested and transported to processors who create the food we consume either at home, in restaurants, or on the go. Here’s where TrustBIX comes in! Their BIX platform collects data about the food as it moves its way through this supply chain. Moreover, it collects data to find out where the food originated from, if it was grown or raised in a sustainable way and what nutrients or treatments the animals or crops received.

Further, the information is collected by the software platform.
This information is then shared to processors and buyers so they can be confident that the claims they make to their customers are valid and authentic.

TrustBIX employs a diverse team of industry experts. The company believes that information sharing is the pillar on which the advancement and success of Canadian agriculture is based. They also believe that it serves as an example of how traceability and sustainability has the potential to provide financial benefits to any industry, anywhere on the globe.

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