Weekend Unlimited: Lifestyle Branded Products Coming Soon

Weekend Unlimited’s flagship WKND! brand products are soon to be launched in Washington State.

Weekend Unlimited is a lifestyle-based recreational cannabis company. They’re developing premium products designed to deliver life’s highs, anytime, anywhere. They have U.S. operations based in, or being negotiated in Arizona, California, Oklahoma, Washington plus Canada and a unique entertainment and education division (Weekend Live!). They are well-positioned to launch and scale the brands that will define recreational cannabis.

About Weekend Unlimited LIVE

The initial WKND! branded product line to be released in Washington State includes proprietary blends and formulations for the Company’s branded Pre-rolls, Cannagars and Vape pens – each offered in three sku’s named Bliss, Now and Escape. Benefitting from in depth retail consultation in Washington, the Company’s initial product launch has been designed in order to establish a strong retail presence and create momentum for further expansion.

The Company’s majority owned Northern Lights Organic’s (618 acre) farm located near Fort St. James, British Columbia has been repurposed to produce and process organically grown CBD-focused hemp. The entire property is in the process of becoming certified organic by PACS, has no adjacent polluting industry, and is surrounded by Crown land and farms.

Weekend Unlimited LIVE is an event / experience concept, where Weekend Unlimited USA will present / sponsor events centered around themes such as live/club music in licensed establishments, music festivals, exclusive house parties, destination / travel, sports, charity and more. Weekend Unlimited LIVE will generate interest, awareness and engagement with the lifestyle brand amongst its US audiences.

Eventbrite research has determined that 78% of millennials (18-34) choose to spend money on experiences over possessions. 77% of millennials spend more on events and live experiences, which they say help to shape identity and create life-long memories.

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