Build a Future in Canada’s Yukon

Yukon’s primary industry is exploration and mining

Canada’s Yukon has a rich mining history as exploration and mining continue to be its primary industry. Yukon’s mining sector has reached some significant milestones over the past few years. Flagship investments from major mining and investment firms have boosted its economy. Furthermore, multiple advanced exploration projects have expanded its portfolio of world-class projects. “A business like Alkan Air and a hundred people we employ, would not be here today if it wasn’t for the vitality of the industry,” says President and CEO of Alkan Air, Wendy Taylor.

Moreover, Yukon First Nations remain partners in developing Yukon’s mineral sector, alongside its leaders in exploration and mining, industry associations and the Government of Yukon. In fact, the Yukon government is extremely supportive of the mining industry. “The government is a willing participant in helping fund projects through grants as well as making introductions to First Nations,” says Tim Johnson, President and CEO of Granite Creek Copper.

Further, the foundations for ESG are already in place in the Yukon. “We see different jurisdictions across North America and the world pivot to make sure they understand ESG. We’ve had it in place for years,” says Yukon’s Minister of Economic Development, Energy, Mines and Resources, Ranj Pillai.

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