Canada and U.S. Consumers to Spend $4 B on Marijuana Edibles by 2022

Marijuana edibles to rise from 2017-2022 by 310%

Marijuana edibles are among one of the many popular ways people are consuming cannabis today. In fact, many cannabis companies are eager to move into the edible space to serve this large consumer market.

In 2017 alone, U.S. and Canadian consumers spent $1 billion USD on edibles. As a matter of fact, by 2022 it’s projected that both countries will spend up to $4.1 billion on marijuana edibles.

Top cannabis-infused products

According to a statistic by Deloitte Canada, Canadians chose gummy bears, cookies, brownies and chocolates as their top choices for cannabis infused products. Some 26 percent of current users stated that they eat cannabis-infused gummy bears at least every three months.

Average monthly spend on edibles

In fact, this statistic shows that the average monthly spend for a current user on cannabis-infused gummies are $15.84 CAD. While likely users spend up to $18.79 a month.

Why Canadians use edibles

For Canadians, according to this stat the number one reason why cannabis users consume edibles is purely recreational, to have fun with friends.

But on the other hand, consumers also use edibles for a number of clinical reasons. One being to reduce stress or anxiety, another to help them relax or sleep and also to improve their mood.

Many consumers also find it as a great alternative to alcohol and a safer way to consume cannabis, as oppose to smoking or vaping.