Big Shot: 1st Mobile game to Utilize ePlay’s AR Platform

“Esports is about a billion dollar industry, growing by about 35 percent in 2019” – Trevor Doerksen, CEO of ePlay Digital

ePlay Digital is a mobile game creator and publisher specializing in sports, esports and entertainment augmented reality titles. 

ePlay has developed an augmented reality (AR) mobile gaming platform. Advertising, in app purchases, daily fantasy sports, esports daily tournaments and skins drive revenue.

ePlay’s Flagship Game

Big Shot Basketball is the first mobile game to utilize ePlay’s AR platform. Big Shot, is showing the industry how to leverage eSports and known properties like Pokemon Go and the NBA in a gaming environment to drive revenues in new and interesting ways. Instead of finding monsters, you find NBA players. When LeBron, Curry or Leonard score you score! Collect NBA stars, build your team and crush your opponents.

Why ePlay Digital?

ePlay Digital is in both the sports and gaming industries. Esports is about a billion dollar industry growing by about 35 percent in 2019 and gaming is a 100 billion dollar industry.

Esports is basically people playing video games and streaming that activity online. There’s lots of money being made in this market as there’s plenty of activity and time being spent there.

2019 is all about commercializing ePlay’s intellectual property. Great celebrities are being built into the game and Big Shot basketball is just the beginning. There’s 10 games and a platform all ready to go.

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