Flow Water: Premium Alkaline Spring Water

The fastest-growing premium water brand in North America

Flow Beverage Corp. is making a big splash with its commitment to offering both sustainability and delicious Alkaline Spring Water. In Canada, Flow water is 100% artesian spring water from Bruce County, Ontario.

Flow water is naturally alkaline (pH 8.1 at the source) and naturally sustainable. The spring water is renewed by rainfall and snowmelt that moves through the earth’s surface, sand and silt, slowly migrating towards the limestone and dolostone aquifer from which the water gets its essential minerals and electrolytes. Each step of the way, impurities are removed and minerals dissolve giving the water its unique taste and alkalinity.

Flow Beverage Corp. is the fastest-growing premium water company in North America. Flow’s portfolio includes original and award-winning organic flavored naturally alkaline spring water and collagen-infused spring water, all in a sustainable package.

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