Harvest Global Gold Giants Access the Top 20 Gold Companies in 1 ETF

The Harvest Global Gold Giants Index ETF provides investors with a low-cost vehicle to access the world’s leading and largest gold companies. Harvest believes these companies can maintain viable gold mining production in today’s gold price environment and are best positioned to take advantage of higher gold prices in the future.

Index Methodologies

The Solactive Global Gold Giants Index TR tracks the price movements of the 20 largest gold mining companies by company market capitalization that are listed on a regulated stock exchange in North America, Australia or in certain European countries. The Index is a Total Return Index and calculated in Canadian Dollar.

Further, The Harvest Global Gold Giants Index ETF has been designed to replicate, to the extent possible, the performance of the Solactive Global Gold Giants Index TR (the “Index”), net of expenses. Moreover, the Fund intends to invest in and hold the Constituent Securities of the Index in the same proportion as they are reflected in the Index.

About Harvest ETFs

At Harvest, their guiding principles are premised on building wealth for their clients through ownership of strong businesses that have the potential to grow & generate steady income over the long term. Founded in 2009, Harvest also offers a diversified portfolio of investment products designed to satisfy the long term growth.

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