Invest Canada North: Opportunity in the Northern Regions

Why Invest in Canada’s North?

Invest Canada North connects global investors with the competitive advantages and opportunities in Canada’s North at one of the world’s biggest annual mining conferences, the PDAC Convention. The North encompasses a huge area, over 1/3 the size of Canada.

There is a vast array of mineral potential right across the north. Diamonds in Northwest Territories, precious gemstones in Yukon. Further, Nunavut is 40 percent of Canada. Therefore, the odds of finding a rare earth or valuable mineral is so great.

Moreover, the Yukon hosts a healthy pipeline of mining projects in multiple commodities. With many world-class deposits being discovered, the Yukon mineral development pipeline also creates excellent value for investors.

The Northwest Territories is a well-developed mining sector built on a rich history of world-class discoveries as well as untapped mineral potential that holds the promise of wealth.

Nunavut has opened four new mines in the last decade. From iron ore to gold doré. The territory’s rich array of minerals have advanced from discovery to production.

More on Invest Canada North

Invest Canada North’s unique initiatives showcase each region, through keynote presentations, panels and special sessions, highlighting the leaders in exploration, development and production. They also showcase the mining ecosystem that’s supported by exciting mineral production, significant untapped geological potential, strong geopolitical potential, strong geopolitical stability and progressive Indigenous and community partnerships.

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