Invest Canada North: Connecting Canada’s North with Global Investors

Discover Canada’s North at the world’s premier mining convention

Discover the vast potential of Canada’s North at PDAC 2021. The convention is the premier mining convention in the world and will be held virtually March 8-11. You will be able to attend various interactive presentations,
participate in group discussions and build relationships with your peers virtually.

Further, there will be 100+ hours of high calibre content across a diverse spectrum of industry topics. These includes sessions such as Capital Markets, Indigenous, Sustainability, Technical Programs, plus many more.

The conventional also allows you to connect with speakers and ask questions about their presentations, view other submitted questions, and
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About Invest Canada North

Invest Canada North connects global investors with the competitive advantages and opportunities in Canada’s North, a huge area over 1/3 the size of Canada, and encompassing the three northern territories: (or the size of Europe) Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut, at one of the world’s biggest annual mining conferences, the PDAC Convention.

Their unique initiatives showcase each region, through keynote presentations, panels and special sessions, highlighting the leaders in exploration, development and production, as well as the mining ecosystem that is supported by exciting mineral production, significant untapped geological potential, strong geopolitical potential, strong geopolitical stability and progressive Indigenous and community partnerships.

For more information about Invest Canada North, or each of the northern territories and the leaders in exploration and mining, please visit: