Jamaica Stock Exchange Ranked Best Performing in 2018

Jamaican stocks have surged almost 300 percent, more than quadrupling the next-best-performing national benchmark

The main focus of the Jamaica stock exchange is to contribute to the growth and development of the countries in which they operate by facilitating the mobilization, exchange and expansion of capital while providing a return on equity that is acceptable to their shareholders.

In 2015 Bloomberg financial news voted Jamaican Stock Exchange the best performing stock exchange in the world.

In 2018 the nation’s main index rose 29 percent in U.S. dollar terms, the most among 94 national benchmarks tracked by Bloomberg.

The Caribbean island’s benchmark index has gained 19 percent in dollar terms this year, the most among more than 90 primary equity gauges tracked by Bloomberg.

Over the last five years, its 233 percent rally dwarfs the 86 percent rally in the second-top performer.

What is a Social Stock Exchange?

Jamaica Stock Exchange has created a social stock exchange, like a Go Fund Me process but through a structured environment.

Using SSEs, investors can buy shares in a social business just as investors focused solely on profit would do in the traditional stock market.

An investor would come to a SSE to find a social business with a mission according to his or her preference.

This is great news for all players in the industry and countries like Canada, the UK, Singapore, South Africa, Brazil, and Kenya have already opened their doors to their very own social stock exchanges.

Ultimately, social finance affects important decisions regarding allocation of creativity, capital, and entrepreneurship. It affects growth of new markets, business structures, and commodities within existing societies.

For more information on the Jamaica Stock Exchange go to their website.

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