MustGrow: All-Natural, Innovative Crop Protection

MustGrow Biologics is helping growers protect their crops in a safe and effective manner

MustGrow Biologics has developed novel & proprietary solutions that utilize components of the mustard plant. This provides high quality pest control to growers facing challenges associated with nematodes and soil-borne diseases. Their technology is sustainable providing benefits to the grower, the environment and the consumer.

“We’ve got three products that can help growers solve issues. Specifically treating disease for cannabis growers and fruit and vegetable growers”, says President and CEO, Corey Giasson.

The Technology

The company’s technologies deliver superior pest and pathogen control in combination with plant growth and yield benefits available across a broad spectrum of crops. They are working towards offering their solutions in a variety of applications. In addition, they are aiming to be compatible with all farming practices. These range from large row crops to specialty crop production, in all parts of the world.

Further, by focusing on the use of compounds provided by nature and refining them for their specific uses, the company provides key pest control and disease management naturally, while increasing growth and yield. Moreover, the products are free from synthetic chemicals and genetic modification.

“We’re trying to bring science based solutions to the table that are natural and safe and are effective”, says Giasson.

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