NetCents: Leading Cryptocurrency Payment Processor

40 – 80% monthly growth in processing volume

“We allow merchants to transact however they do now. We make it so they can be indifferent towards VISA, Mastercard or Crypto.” says Jenn Lowther, Chief Revenue Officer of NetCents Technology.

This process gives merchants the chance to increase their bottom line, increase revenue and open up to a new market.

Regardless of the crypto or fiat currency merchants choose to settle in, the NetCents platform completes the settlement instantaneously. No fuss, no muss, no stress. NetCents handles everything in the backend and guarantees the price of the cryptocurrency transaction in real-time. This provides merchants peace of mind and guaranteed protection against market volatility and illiquidity issues with cryptocurrency.

NetCents also has a platform for users, allowing them to buy and sell cryptocurrency.

Moreover, the company will be adding a credit card to their portfolio. It’s not a prepaid program like most of the cards on the market. It’s actually tied directly into the users wallet.

“They’ll be able to take their card anywhere that Visa’s accepted worldwide and they can spend their cryptocurrency in real time.” says Lowther.

About NetCents

NetCents has built a universal cryptocurrency payment infrastructure that optimizes your ROI through easy, convenient, and secure payments – all around the globe. It’s user-friendly, developer friendly, and tech-illiterate friendly. NetCents is making life simple for your business and your everyday.

NetCents is a superior way to buy, sell, send money and transact online, in store or via a mobile device. The company is a group of dedicated business professionals who think that there is a better way for payment transaction companies to do business.

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