Augmented Reality Technology: Bring Digital Objects into Your World!

“Augmented reality is when you overlay digital objects into the real world. You can have a 3D object that you’re interacting with and you’re still able to interact with other people. Also, you’re able to show them the 3D object. Basically, it’s the fastest growing technology on the planet today. AR is something that could be used as a business tool, which is what we’re doing at NexTech. Thus, it’s literally just limited by your imagination.” – Evan Gappelberg, CEO of NexTech AR Solutions

NexTech is bringing a next generation web enabled augmented reality (AR) platform with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and analytics to the Cannabis industry, eCommerce, education, training, healthcare and video conferencing. Also, having integrated with Shopify, Magento and WordPress its technology offers eCommerce sites a universal 3D shopping solution. Thus, with just a few lines of embed code, the company’s patent-pending platform offers the most technologically advanced 3D-AR, AI technology anywhere.  Online retailers can subscribe to Nextechs state of the art, 3D-AR/AI solution for $79/mo. The company has created the AR industries first end-to-end affordable, intelligent, frictionless, scalable platform.

ARitize App

The ARitize App is used by brands and individual users alike to tell stories in new and unique ways.

Curate your own branded channel of AR experiences through the ARitize™ App and enhance your existing content, materials and hard goods. With a low entry cost for mass deployment via mobile phones, ARitize™ App experiences are persistent across all existing content mediums.

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