Northwest Territories: Filled with Untapped Potential

Investment-ready mining projects

The Northwest Territories (NWT) is known globally for its wealth of diamonds. Further, it’s filled with mining potential that includes gold, zinc, silver, lead, and rare earth elements. “We’ve been able to build the third largest diamond producer in the world because of the diamond production coming out of the territory,” says President and CEO of Det’on Cho Corporation, Paul Gruner.

The Northwest Territories is committed to doing its part to support responsible resource development. This sector has been the backbone of our economy for decades. It’s also the biggest source of private sector jobs and income for our residents.

“When you invest in the Northwest Territories, you’re doing more than just supporting our people. You’re also contributing to world wide efforts to fuel the global green economy and support climate change efforts,” says Premier, Caroline Cochrane.

As a government, the NWT will continue to welcome development. Additionally they’ll continue to offer a suite of programs and incentives to encourage exploration. They’re are also committed to expanding the transportation and energy infrastructure that will enable this sector to grow, while creating prosperity for the NWT.

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