Northwest Territories: Investment Ready Mining Projects

Potential for new discoveries

The Northwest Territories (NWT) is globally known for its wealth of diamonds which makes it attractive to mining. “It’s a safe, stable, jurisdiction,” says Chairman and CEO of Osisko, Robert Wares.

Further, the resource sector has been the backbone of NWT’s economy for decades and is the biggest source of private sector jobs and income for its residents. The Territories have vast mining potential that includes gold, zinc, silver, lead, and rare earth elements.

Base metals are crucial to renewables and EV vehicles. “Base metals are required in all aspects of society. We have to keep investing in base metals,” says Wares.

In addition, the Northwest Territories commits to doing its part to support responsible resource development. “When you invest in the NWT, you are doing more than just supporting our people. You are also contributing to worldwide efforts to fuel the global green economy and support climate change efforts,” says Premier, Caroline Cochrane.

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