Northwest Territories: Rich in Resource Potential

The backbone of the Northwest Territories’ economy

The Northwest Territories (NWT) is a region rich in resource potential. It’s home to gemstones, precious metals, base metals as well as rare earth minerals that are vital to our modern lives. Importantly, this includes minerals that will fuel the global green economy and support climate change efforts. Further, they are home to North America’s Diamond Capital with potential for new discoveries.

“I think it’s important to get investment into the Northern parts of Canada, in particular, the Northwest Territories because they are a resource based government,” says President and CEO of Nighthawk Gold, Michael Byron.

The NWT’s boasts a highly skilled resident workforce and service and supply sector. They also have incentive and training programs to encourage and support exploration and development. In addition, the government is currently building an all-season road.

“I think the importance of resource in the NWT is that it generates a lot of spin off. It induces business and there are a lot of benefits in that,” says the CEO of Denendeh Investments, Darrell Beaulieu.

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