Plateau Energy: Developing Clean and Strategic Assets

Plateau Energy Metals Inc. is a Canadian based exploration company. They have significant and growing lithium assets, and all of their reported uranium resources are situated near infrastructure.

The company’s experienced leadership team is enabling a new energy paradigm through exploring and developing its Falchani lithium project and Macusani uranium project in southeastern Peru.

More on the Falchani lithium project

The lithium market is probably one of the fastest-growing markets today. Focused on being “green”, Plateau plans to help meet the world’s shift to sustainability through electric mobility and battery storage.

The goal of the Falchani project is to develop a low impurity battery-grade lithium chemical while using responsible mining methods. Their plan incorporates the use of filtered tailing, enabling the recycling of process water and a self-sufficient on-site acid plant with additional areas identified for future “green” improvements.

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