Top Edible Cannabis Company in California- Plus Products Inc.

Plus Products is a cannabis manufacturing product company. Its vision is to build the strongest cannabis brand. In the last year, Plus moved from about 12th in edibles in California. As well as, it is to being the number one edible company. It is the largest cannabis market in the world.

Plus Products Inc. is a leading branded products manufacturer based in California. Consequently, its products consist of cannabis-infused edibles. 

It sells to both the regulated medicinal and adult-use recreational markets. PLUS is currently one of the fastest-growing edible brands in California. Further, the Company’s mission is to make cannabis safe and approachable. Though, it starts with manufacturing high-quality products delivering consistent experiences.

In 2015, while watching the birth of cannabis in Colorado, we saw an opportunity to bring better edible products to market.

We moved to California. We believe if you want to prove your products, you need to prove it in the largest market. Furthermmore, we have been living out our dream to bring safe and approachable cannabis products.

Our motley crew of experts work thoughtfully and collaboratively. It is to create compliant, dosable and delicious products. However, they are available to all consumers – new and veteran alike.

Today, we are one of the top edibles brands in California.

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